Here are all of my Sylvanian Families & Figures, in chronological order as when I received them! ♥

The Fisher Cat Family ~ Mother Isabelle, Father Schroeder, Sister Lauren, Brother Linus, Babies Michelle, Eddie, Angelica, Midnight & Peppermint ~ Bio Here

The Marmalade Bear Family ~ Mother Margo, Father Maurice, Sister Jenna, Brother Oscar, and Babies Kit & Karina ~ Bio Here

Camryn McKeegan (left) & Hannah Hollywood ~

The Furbanks Squirrel Family ~ Mother Emma, Father Kenneth, Sister Greta & Brother Douglas ~ Bio coming soon!!

The Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents ~

The Buttercup Cow Family ~ Mother Daisy, Father Leo, Sister Betsy & Brother Patch ~ Bio Here

Dante Wedding Cats ~ Troy & Arabella

Marion Brighteyes ~

The Lopez Chihuahua Family ~ Mother Conchita, Father Cesar, Sister Laya, Brother Pablo, and Babies Pedro & Lola ~ Bio coming soon!!

Marvin & Maggie Mulberry ~ Bio Here

School Sports Day Cheerleaders ~ Renee Sparkle (left) & Mikaela Renard

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