Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet the Buttercup Cows!

Meet the Buttercup Cows!
The Buttercup Cows live a few miles south of Cloverleaf Corners, a quiet little town nestled in the heart of Sylvania. Down below are some descriptions of the members of this family!
The Buttercups recently moved into a new farmhouse, to open up a dairy shop. Dairy is the Buttercup's main business - it's been in their family forever.

Daisy Buttercup loves tending to her vegetable garden and sewing, along side with making the specialty cheese dips and butters for the dairy.

Leo Buttercup has many jobs - he repairs tools, keeps the barn in tip-top shape, and delivers the milk to his customers all while raising his kids with his wife Betsy.

Patch Buttercup adores being outside, no matter if it's helping harvest or running around in the fields.

Sister Betsy Buttercup is a country girl at heart, but also likes the city life. She has made many friends at her new school, but still enjoys hanging out with her family.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my new family, and stay tuned for more fun adventures!
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