Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet the Fisher Cat Family!

Welcome! Today's Post is the Introduction of my first ever Calico Critter Family, The Fisher Cat Family! Let's get started.

These are the Fisher Cats. 
(left to right)
Including Michelle Fisher, Linus Fisher, Isabelle Fisher, Schroeder Fisher, Lauren Fisher, and Eddie Fisher.

Hi, I'm Isabelle Fisher, the mother of my family! I love tending to my garden, as I am redecorating it with tulips, petunias, and wildflowers. I will definitely show you my garden at a later time!

Hello there! I am Schroeder Fisher, a carpenter, father, and husband to my lovely wife, Isabelle. Right now I am working on my new line of neon chairs for kids. 

Hi! Nice to meet you- I'm Lauren Fisher, the older daughter in my family. I play the piano quite well, I would love it if I could play a song for you! I also enjoy playing outdoors, and helping my mom with her garden!

Hey! Of course, as you know, I'm Linus Fisher. I am on the select baseball team in Sylvania, and one of the best pitchers! I hope you come to my game this Saturday! 

Hi! I'm Michelle. I am the youngest daughter in my family, and I love ballet, and playing with dolls! I have the best sisters and brothers and parents... they do spoil me *Heehe*

Oh hey there! It's Eddie... sorry I was just climbing up here looking for some things to play with! Don't tell my mom though, I could be in trouble... Anyway, you can find me exploring Sylvania and my house, and sometimes climbing up things!

Well, thanks for meeting us, the Fisher Cats! We will be in many posts in this blog. Thanks for learning a bit about us, we have many stories to share! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi everyone,

   Welcome to my Blog, Julia's Sweet Sylvanians! I am Julia, a Sylvanian Family fan and collector for four years (and counting!) Some of my other interests include violin, dance, polymer clay, and other crafts. I enjoy making decor and food for my critters, as well as clothes.

    In this blog I will post about my Sylvanian Families, my houses and buildings, and stories and blogs about my Critters.

    I look forward to posting about my collection, and I think this will be a great start to something new!

                                  This is Camryn McKeegan, one of my Sylvanians. 
                                      She is pictured here with her comb, as she loves beauty. 


                   Julia xoxo