Sunday, November 30, 2014

Handmade Dresses!

Hello friends! In today's post I wanted to share my handmade Sylvanian dress creations. My School Sports Day Cheerleaders (a collector's gift from the club magazine) are super cute in their cheerleading uniforms, but I thought they could use some regular day dresses! I didn't have any extra, so I opted to take the creative route: sewing my own girls dresses. These are some of my first tries on doing this project. Here they both are, Renee Sparkle & Mikaela Renard modeling the new outfits!

Now I will show you some close-ups of both girls to have a better look at them!

Mikaela's dress, (up above) was the first one I made. I got my inspiration for both dresses by the Sylvanian "overall" type outfit that come with some of the girls in the families. I made my own pattern and sewed each dress. My grandma also gave me some tips on hemming, and gathering the skirt (thank you so much, Mama!). I added some red beads like the ones from the original Sylvanian dresses on hers to make it look like buttons.
Here's Renee's dress, it's a bit more fancier! I wanted it to be strictly a day dress but when crafting and creating it turned out a bit more posh ;) This one was a bit more complicated as the purple polka-dotted fabric had to be attached to white fabric underneath, it was too sheer at first to be a dress. I glued on some lace at the top to add some style.
~ Thank you for reading about my newest projects! I think more Sylvanian outfits will be made in the future, it's so much fun to sew them. Let me know if you would like a tutorial for this, I can certainly do it since I have a pattern!  
♥ jυlιa 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Country Market

Welcome to the Country Market!

Conchita, Lola, Laya, Pablo, Pedro & Cesar Lopez ~

The Lopez Chihuahua family owns the Country Market, which is located in the city of Sunset Hills, Sylvania.

Come on inside!

Before you start shopping, Conchita would love to make you a nice cup of hot tea in her tea room.

The baby twins clearly want some tea as well!

"Pedro, Lola, no tea for you little ones!" Mother Conchita exclaimed as she tried to keep their paws from dipping into the steaming drink. She knew the tea had caffine, which would make for out-of-control twins!

Inside the market, you will find an endless number of items to purchase! Catalogues & magazines are sold on the bookshelf when you first walk in.

Baby clothes, toys, dresses, and home items are sold as well.

"Pedro! The toy piano is for sale, not for playing!" Conchita called out, finding mischief from her young children once again!

Meanwhile, sister Laya was admiring the new dress for sale in her family's shop. She adored the lace, trim, and most of all, the dreamy blue color...

Father Cesar manages the checkout & medicine counter.

He is also happy to fill your prescription at the drive-thru window!

That's it for this post! I hope you all had a wonderful time shopping at the Country Market.
♥ jυlιa 

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Layout & The Furbanks Squirrels!

Hey everyone! Sorry that this post was a bit late, I had a lot of things holding me up! Our home computer was acting up a bit and it needed fixing, and the power went out earlier tonight, preventing me from working on my blog. Now, everything is back in place, and here's an update for you guys!

First off, I re-designed my blog theme and layout! I added new features and links, plus a better background. I have finally added some pages to my blog, an about page and a families page - I'd love it if you'd check both out! I might add some more tabs later on, but for now, it's an improvement! Also, I listed all of my favorite blogs on the sidebar over there, so take a peek for your name! :)

Lastly, I would like to introduce my Furbanks Squirrel Family, who are actors & actresses!

From left to right - Sister Greta, Mother Emma, Father Kenneth & Brother Douglas. 

~ I know this wasn't my usual type of post, but I hope you enjoyed! More fun to come soon!
♥ jυlιa 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marvin & Maggie's Adventure ~ Part Two

Hi friends! Welcome to part two of Marvin and Maggie's motorcycle expedition! It has been raining nonstop all day today, and I thought it would be a great time to work on some sylvanian projects and posts!

Marvin and Maggie drove steadily along the cobblestone roads of Sylvania to their destination. Maggie admired the luscious plants and trees beside the street. Meanwhile, Marvin was on pins and needles, hoping his wife was enjoying the drive.

Finally, the couple slowed to a stop, on a rocky area with lots of moss. Marvin parked the motorbike, and helped Maggie off.

"How do you like the spot I chose, sweetie?" Marvin asked, eager for her reply.

"Oh, Marvin, I adore it, this peaceful hillside with a perfect place to sit, just the two of us. Thank you, you're just the sweetest." Maggie gushed. They both sat down and looked around, holding hands while appreciating the beauty of nature.

"Honey, thank you so much for taking me all the way out here to this special place. We should come back again! Oh, and next time, I'll bring some snacks and we can have a picnic!" Maggie smiled.

~  Thanks for reading, I really loved planning this story!

 ♥ jυlιa