Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marvin & Maggie's Adventure ~ Part Two

Hi friends! Welcome to part two of Marvin and Maggie's motorcycle expedition! It has been raining nonstop all day today, and I thought it would be a great time to work on some sylvanian projects and posts!

Marvin and Maggie drove steadily along the cobblestone roads of Sylvania to their destination. Maggie admired the luscious plants and trees beside the street. Meanwhile, Marvin was on pins and needles, hoping his wife was enjoying the drive.

Finally, the couple slowed to a stop, on a rocky area with lots of moss. Marvin parked the motorbike, and helped Maggie off.

"How do you like the spot I chose, sweetie?" Marvin asked, eager for her reply.

"Oh, Marvin, I adore it, this peaceful hillside with a perfect place to sit, just the two of us. Thank you, you're just the sweetest." Maggie gushed. They both sat down and looked around, holding hands while appreciating the beauty of nature.

"Honey, thank you so much for taking me all the way out here to this special place. We should come back again! Oh, and next time, I'll bring some snacks and we can have a picnic!" Maggie smiled.

~  Thanks for reading, I really loved planning this story!

 ♥ jυlιa 


  1. Such a sweet story - Marvin and his wife are so cute together!

  2. What a lovely part 2 :). They are really a cute couple, I'm glad they had such a nice trip! :)

  3. Sweet! I love reading your stories! xo Jennifer