Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet Marvin & Maggie

Meet Marvin and Maggie Mulberry, the world's two most adventurous raccoons!
"Maggie, are you all ready to go? The motorcycle's been up and running," Marvin called out to her.
"Right here! Just had to put on my scarf before I left." Maggie replied.
"That should be it, we are all ready to go then!" said Marvin, with a grin on his face.
The cheerful couple pulled on their motorcycle gear. Marvin also puts on his riding goggles to complete his look!
"I've got just the right place picked out for today's adventure. Maggie will love it," Marvin whispered to himself, clutching his map.
With the loud roar of the engine, the Mulberrys were off. "Marvin, you're driving too fast!" Maggie shouted. Usually, Marvin was cautious during his expeditions, but today he got carried away in the excitement.
"Marvin, where are we going?" Maggie questioned.
"Wait and see, honey. Just you wait." Marvin grinned.
~ Stay tuned for part two of Marvin and Maggie's adventure! ~
jυlιa ♥



  1. Cute! Nice photos and story! I'm looking forward to seeing where they are going! :-) xo Jennifer

  2. What a lovely story! Maggie and Marvin are so cute together. I'm looking forward to the next part!

  3. Super cute! Maggie and Marvin make a great couple! You're whole blog is super adorable! :))))