Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Sylvanian Birthday

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I haven't updated in awhile, but I am going to promise myself to update much more, especially because I received some new Sylvanian furniture and sets! My birthday was last October, and here's all about what I received for my gifts, plus my cake!

There's my birthday cake, I topped it with some pretty candles, some miniature my little ponies, and Sylvanians! I used Betsy Buttercup and Lauren Fisher for the outside, and my three cat triplets on top. I used some plastic wrap beneath their feet to protect their fur from the icing.

First, I received the Delightful Donuts Stall I have dreaming of forever! My Marmalade Bears have owned this shop for a couple of years, and they are so happy to actually have it built properly! One of my donut shop creations used popsicle sticks for the stall, and cheerios for the donuts, which I'm sure my dog ate.

Here are some close-up pictures of the donuts, they look delicious! I love the bear muffins and the chocolate crullers! They are all too cute.

The Marmalade Bears are overjoyed to be over with construction for their donut shop, and that they will be able to enjoy it much more. Maurice (dad) is the official owner of the shop, and he goes in every morning to start the donuts and heat up the frying pots. He loves his job, and he is always thinking up new recipes. Margo (mom) loves the donut shop, but she works as a teacher at the Preschool, because she adores children. Jenna and Oscar (brother and sister) both love helping out at the donut shop, and so do the two twins, Kit and Karina.

Maurice hired a waitress and cook for his donut shop, Marion Brighteyes. Marion is happy to work at the donut shop, she loves making desserts and drinks. She comes with the Sylvanian Families Waitress Set. My mom ordered me the set because she thought it would be a nice addition to the donut shop, and it totally is!

Marion loves making tarts, cakes, pies, and fizzy drinks. The donut shop has a wide selection of donuts, plus other types of desserts to fit any of your cravings. Maurice also makes fabulous hot cocoas and coffees, and his long john donuts are to die for!

Now you might be thinking, this doesn't look Sylvanian Families at all! This is actually a Rement Set~ Puchi Donuts #1. I ordered some Rements online a few months ago and this is one of the ones I got. It comes with a donut box, tongs, mini paper (to wrap up the donuts with), a tray, 4 donuts, and a Chai green tea latte.

I think this set goes excellent with my two Sylvanian sets. I love the details of the Rement donuts, the chocolate sprinkle & the cinnamon twist.

I hope everyone enjoyed my long, but lots-of-pictures  update! There are more updates coming soon.... maybe even one for tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who enjoys reading my posts!

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  1. Fun post! Your birthday cake was gorgeous, and I have my eye on that donut shop set too--hopefully for MY birthday! ;-) Marion Eyebrights is really darling, and the Rement donuts are so yummy looking! Donuts seem to be my favorite miniature foods lately. :-) Love seeing all of your fun minis! xo Jennifer

  2. it looks nice
    we also have sylvanian (hedgehogіs) and i have some posts abоut playing with them
    And we made a cartoon