Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Celebration

Hello friends! Now that my exams are finished for the semester, I have been enjoying precious time with my sylvanian families. Today I would like to share some photos from the Christmas Eve party held at the home of the Fisher cat family.

The Cottontail grandparents have arrived at the Fisher's house, which has been beautifully decorated for the holiday. Twinkling lights were strung across the porch, and the Fishers put up a giant Christmas tree. 

It was quite nippy out, so Grandpa opened the door quickly to let his wife inside. 

Isabelle Fisher heard the doorbell ring as she was taking more cookies out of the oven. 
"Lauren, can you open the door for Grandma & Grandpa?" Isabelle asked her daughter. 

After a warm greeting of hugs and kisses, Grandma noticed the freshly baked cookies on the stove-top.  

"Isabelle, did you use my famous thumbprint cookie recipe?" Grandma inquired. 

"Why yes, I did! And they look delicious." Isabelle answered. 

As Isabelle visited with Grandma, little Midnight admired the goodies on the kitchen table - especially the gingerbread house. 

As Midnight's paw reached out to pluck a sparkling, sugar-coated gumdrop from the rooftop, Mrs. Fisher appeared out of nowhere. 

"Midnight! The gingerbread house was made for decoration, not for eating! But, I'll give you a cookie instead." 

Midnight purred contentedly as he bit into a warm, chewy cookie. 

Jenna Marmalade scurried about, pouring the cups of coffee and passing out the cream and sugar for the guests. 

A scrumptious assortment of holiday treats was laid on the table. 

The little ones prepared a bowl of treats to leave for Santa by the chimney. 

Just before bed, Hannah and Laya read Christmas stories to the children by the cozy fire. 

The kids gazed longingly at the gifts under the tree. 

Everyone gathered round to open their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Michelle was delighted to receive an adorable stuffed pink kitty!

Friends and family chatted happily while they enjoyed the holiday treats. 

Everyone had a wonderful time. 

~ I hope you enjoyed reading. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
~ The adorable cookies, gingerbread house, and advent wreath were crafted by another lovely sylvanian blogger, Kyraja of Aeternum Somnium, and sent to me in a Christmas giveaway she held last year. :) 
~ Another special thanks to my dad, who helped me find and harvest the sylvanian Christmas tree. We cut it from our yard.
♥ jυlιa  


  1. Aww, what a cute story! The photos look brilliant and I'm glad that your Sylvanians like my cookies :D

    1. Oh thank you so much Kyraja!! They love them :)

  2. Julia!!!I'm so happy I came across your blog just by chance.I was browsing the web and I read your Christmas story when I ended I recognized the picture of your profile.You left a comment on my blog recently and I was wondering if you also had a blog and you do!!! I'm going to have a look at your older posts.Your Christmas story is really nice!!!

    1. Wow thank you so much!! I'm happy you came across it too. :)