Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Newest Project - The Sylvanian Sno-Cone Stand!

Hi everyone! I'm very sorry I have not been doing very many blog posts at all, but I just arrived back in town from being on vacation! Yesterday it was a terrible rainy day, so I decided to get my craft on, and build a sno-cone stand for my Sylvainians! I took pictures of everything I did to make this, so you can make your own too! Let's get started.

The first thing I did was trace out the parts of the stand with an old cereal box. I recommend creating a large rectangle, and two thinner rectangles for the sides. Also, make sure they are tall enough to fit a Sylvanian in.

Next, paint of cover the branding names of the cardboard pieces with white paper or white paint. Let dry.

While I let my cardboard pieces dry, I made my miniature snowcones! It's very easy and very fun. With sculpey or fimo bakeable clay, make white cone shapes and tiny balls in different colors to represent the flavor. I made a blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, and pink. 

Next, put some elmers or cheap school glue on the 'sno cone' part. You dont need much because clay is alreay sticky! Then, roll the top of your sno-cone in table salt. This gives your sno-cones the texture of a real one! 

Once you have done the previous step to all of your sno-cones, bake them in your oven at 275 degrees for 25 minutes. 

While your creations are baking, you can wallpaper your cardboard pieces! I chose summer colors, such as a nice orange and yellow and I even striped the side wall. 

Then, if you wish, flip over your cardboard and draw ads on the white part, such as some sno-cones and the name of your stand. 

I imagine your sno cones should be done baking by now! Go retrieve them, let them cool, and then its time for the fun part. 

Grab some old nail polish or acrylic paint in the colors of your sno-cone flavors. Paint the table salt on your sno-cone, and wow! It has the great effect of a real sno-cone!

In no time, you will have a whole array of sno-cones! You can even create a rainbow one by striping the colors on the salt! 

Since my cardboard was finished drying, I hot glued my stand together, and wrote the flavors at the top of the back piece. 

The hard part of the project is done, building the stand and making the sno-cones. Now, we are going to create a counter to hold the sno-cones! Cute a cardboard piece from your cereal box that is wide enough to fit in the stand but skinny enough so your 'owner' cannot be squished! 

At this step, be very careful! With a needle or any other poking device, poke as many holes to hold all your flavors of sno cones. I had to poke eight holes. It also helps to mark where you are going to have a hole. Make sure the holes are big enough to hold the sno cones!

Write the flavor names next to the holes so your customers know what type of sno-cone they are choosing! 

It's almost finished! Glue in the counter with hot glue. 

This step is optional but really fun. Create a tiny 'table' in the back by adhering a small cardboard square to a corner. 

You are also going to need a fun chalk pastel color, a blade, and a tiny glass jar. 

Fill the jar with water, and scrape some of the chalk to make a colored dust. Then, put the chalk dust into the jar and shake it up! Doesn't it look like sno-cone syrup? (:

^ sorry the picture is sideways, I can't fix it! 

Finally.... put the sno-cones in the holders and the syrup on the shelf! 

Your own Sylvanian sno-cone stand is created! Isn't it so cute? 

The Cottontail Grandparents own the Sylvanian Sno-cone Stand. 

Linus' favorite flavor is Rainbow Zebra! 

I am very pleased with my Sylvanian Sno-Cone Stand, and I cannot beleive I did it by myself! It's easy, fun, and great addition to your Sylvanian Village if you are crafty like me. ;) I would love to see your creations, too! Send me a link of your stand and I will be happy to see it! Thanks so much for reading! 

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