Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thanks for 100 Page Views!

Hi everyone!

I'm back, after a long time. I have been busy lately, so sorry for no new updates, but I got time today to give everyone a post!

I have recently reached 100 Page views on this blog, and I'm really happy! I never thought it would come to this in only a month.

As a little thank you to all who is looking at this blog, I have a Sylvanian picture!

Some cat babies are playing in nature! Chloe is sitting 
on a flower, and the triplets, Peppermint (red), Angelica (yellow) and Midnight (blue)
 are playing in the mushrooms!

Thanks so much, there will be more posts soon!

 •°¯`•• jυlιa ••´¯°•

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